Cyber Insurance and Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

Responses to the questions below are necessary to obtain a quotation for Cyber insurance from InterWeb. After a quotation for insurance is bound, the Named Insured will be asked to electronically sign an application populated with the responses from the questions below.

General Information



expected over next 12 months

expected over next 12 months


1. Within the last 3 years, has the Named Insured been subject to a dispute or claim arising out of a technology error or omission in excess of $25,000?
2. Is the Named Insured’s operating as a managed service provider (MSP), or does the Named Insured participate directly in or sell technology products/services designed for any of the following industries?

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling
  • Healthcare
  • Internet of Things
  • Military/Defense
  • Payment Processing
  • Point of Sale (POS) Software/Hardware/Reseller
  • Professional Services (Legal, Medical, A&E, ...etc.)
3. Please describe the Named Insured’s use of technology in delivering its product and/or services.
4. How often are the Named Insured’s services provided by written agreement or contract?
5. Identify the standard risk mitigating clauses or methods contained within the Named Insured’s agreements or contracts. (Select all that apply.)