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CyberPro is a unique cutting edge cyber liability solution, covering network business interruption, ecommerce trading exposures, crime and protection from media and intellectual property risks. CyberPro also includes loss control education and training; and full post breach crisis management assistance.

This program is suitable for nearly all clients with independent insuring agreements so that a policyholder can “pick and choose” their coverage according to requirements.

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24 Hour Data Breach Hot line Access to report incidents or suspected incidents with Baker Hostetier, one of the leading Cyber Breach firms in the country.

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Provides coverage for an insured’s failure to protect private or confidential information and associated legal liability.


Covers any actual or alleged breach of duty, error, or omission in the rendering of technology services.


Provides coverage for an insured’s liability arising from advertising and intellectual property risks.


Provides coverage for loss of money or asset arising from phishing or other electronic scams.


Provides coverage for a company’s own losses and rectification costs from network interruption or following a security breach.


Provides coverage for loss of an insured’s money or asset arising from network security breach following a security breach.


Provides coverage for business income loss arising from loss of a services contract and reduction in brand value following a network event.


Provides coverage for an organization defending itself in the event of a regulatory action following a privacy breach or breach of privacy regulations.


Provides coverage for the costs of averting or mitigating public relations damage following a network event, including notification, and the offering of a credit monitoring service to individuals whose personal information may have been compromised.


Provides coverage to pay for an extortion threat against the insured’s network.


  • Full Prior Acts
  • Computer crime, electronic theft & telecommunications fraud
  • Social engineering coverage
  • Cyber terrorism and ransom
  • Programming and human error
  • Pre and post breach risk management services
  • Forensic costs up to the full policy limit
  • Costs to cover Payment Card Industry fines and penalties
  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Reputational harm and brand reestablishment
  • Voluntary notification
  • Most favorable venue language
  • 70/30 hammer clause


CyberPro provides crucial insurance protection and also to responds to constantly evolving regulation and legislation regarding managing and mitigating Cyber risk.

InterWeb Insurance partners with experts who provide up to date advice and information to help avoid or minimize breach events and, should such events occur, manage them appropriately and effectively.


The program includes CyberScout the leading breach response company, for data risk management. The CyberScout Learning Management System (LMS) is an online training program that equips policyholders with the basic knowledge they need to mitigate and manage risk and keeps them informed of the latest legal, regulatory developments affecting their business.


  • Three separate learning modules lasting from 25-60 minutes.
  • Topics on Data Security and Privacy 101; Data Risk Privacy Management; and Data Breach Forensics, Liability and Remediation.
  • Material relevant to small and medium-sized businesses perceived to have low to high-risk exposure, and their employees and brokers.
  • Dynamic assessments that test users with new questions every time they undertake one of the eLearning modules.
  • Printed certificates upon course completion.
  • Access to breach specialists to fully prepare and equip policyholders to meet regulatory response deadlines, government rules and other key steps required to protect their business from potential fines and lawsuits and to preserve their reputation.


The Breach Response website enables users to:
  • Prepare for the worst by sharing best practice tips, breach scenarios and a risk assessment calculator.
  • Review privacy laws and guidelines for each state and province outlined in a quick summary guide.
  • Develop an incident response plan
  • Access the Knowledge Center for educational content, industry trends and regulatory changes.


Depending on the nature of the breach, InterWeb Insurance will connect you with a broad range of experts for the specific advice you need to take decisive action, mitigate further loss or exposure and protect yourself.


A breach counselling service is available to help evaluate the incident and to determine whether a privacy breach has occurred. In the event of a confirmed breach the team will help assess the severity of the event, explain breach response requirements and share best practices to respond to the situation and mitigate further risk to you.


CyberPro provides cover for reasonable and necessary legal expenses, postage expenses and related advertising expenses, to mitigate damage to a policyholder’s brand and/or comply with governmental privacy legislation in the event that personal information has, or could be, compromised. Reimbursement of all such expenses is subject to the insurers approval.

In the event of a breach, policyholders will be guided through the process of notifying the individuals affected, whether they are their employees, customers, or patients. CyberPro will help policyholders determine the best method of notice (for example, direct mail, email or media disclosure) and select the most appropriate supplier to help you remain compliant with federal, state and regional requirements. CyberPro may also provide the following services if relevant.

  1. Provision of notification letter template(s) and/or service enrollment documents;

  2. Management, handling, printing and mailing of letters;

  3. Ensure that policyholder's customer information is up to date by analyzing their customer address database against multiple national databases (such as Coding Accuracy Account System (CAAS), National Change of Address (NCOA), and Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS);

  4. Identify incorrect contact information and resolve; or establish alternative notification methods to ensure that as many of the policyholders customers as possible are notified;

  5. Return mail handling, reporting and additional address changing. Printing and mailing of notification letters for returned mail when new addresses are available;

  6. Advertising Services.


Where applicable, and if policyholders reasonably consider that they need to avert or mitigate damage to their brand following a covered event, reasonable and necessary fees for hiring a public relations consultant will be covered subject to insurer's agreement.

CyberPro will work with policyholders to appoint a public relations consultant to interact with the public and media and protect their company’s reputation after an incident. In many cases CyberPro will consider hiring a local firm or one that policyholders have worked with previously, subject to the right experience and expertise.

For policyholders larger customers with international operations CyberPro has worked with Fleishman Hillard and Edelman Canada.


  • Business interruption and data restoration coverage extension to external vendors
  • Notification costs outside of policy limits
  • Media coverage extended to physical products
  • Contingent bodily injury/property damage
  • Deductible waiver


Under the CyberPro Network Interruption and Recovery module, cover is provided for the costs of hiring appropriate forensic auditors to review all details relating to a breach and to determine the cause and extent of any theft or unauthorized disclosure of information. This may involve digital and network investigations of hacking incidents, lost and stolen property, Cyber extortion, database fraud, offensive communication, and other risks. Through appropriate forensic investigation the existence, cause and impact of the event may be established, together with the extent to which there may have been unauthorized access or disclosure. All necessary steps to prevent future breaches can also be identified.

In conjunction with CyberScout, CyberPro will identify experts to investigate an event and where they need to be PCI approved. We currently work with firms including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Crypsis
  • Kivu
  • Fire Eye Mandiant
  • Kroll


To mitigate the impact on policyholder’s customers following an actual or potential compromise of personal information, it may be necessary to deploy certain identity and/or credit management and monitoring services. This is to ensure compliance with certain federal, state and regional requirements and/or provide additional protection and security to affected individuals. These services may include:

  1. Credit file review and report translation, interpreting policyholder’s customer credit files and reports and helping them understand the data.

  2. Activation of fraud alerts, to notify potential creditors or lenders to individuals/entities that may be victims of identity theft.

  3. Monitoring policyholder’s customer credit and/or personal data, which may include but is not limited to, multiple bureau credit reporting or monitoring, court records monitoring, change of address monitoring, social security number tracing, payday monitoring and/or cyber monitoring.

  4. Promptly alerting individuals of changes detected through monitoring services, such as new credit applications, new financial accounts, credit enquiries or loans.

  5. Provide individuals with access to electronic education and alerts via email.

  6. Assistance in creating a customer affidavit in the event of fraud.

  7. Dedicated fraud specialists working to gather evidence and help creditors reduce damages and resolve identity theft events. This includes follow up to include tracking of activity and steps taken to resolve the issue.

  8. Systematic notification to any relevant government and private agencies (including but not limited to Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General Office, Financial Institutions, Check Systems, Collection Agencies).

  9. Assistance with credit file freezes (in States where it is available and in situations where it is warranted).

  10. In the event an affected victim is the subject of a complex identity theft or financial fraud scheme, further investigation and action that goes beyond routine remediation activities may be necessary.

All of the above services can be provided through CyberScout and/or other agreed providers, as required by the nature and details of the breach.


These services may be provided by CyberScout or providers selected in consultation with policyholders depending on the specific requirements and nature of the breach. This will provide policyholders customers with a point of contact to obtain information relating to the breach, how it could potentially affect them and pre-agreed related information.

Depending on the specific breach and the providers selected to handle it, these services may include:

  1. Working with policyholders towards scripted responses via FAQs from customer service representatives to affected parties, including information regarding the breach. For matters not addressed within the pre-approved FAQs, queries may be redirected to policyholder. Experienced fraud specialists can answer questions about the notification letter, calm fears and provide pre-approved remediation services such as placing fraud alerts or enrolling breach victims in credit monitoring.

  2. Calls answered in line with established service levels.

  3. Toll-free access for breach notification recipients.

  4. Support for English, Spanish and other languages.

  5. Unlimited one-on-one access to a dedicated fraud specialist.

  6. Identification of groups that may need special call handling (i.e., the elderly, minors, foreign language, etc.).

  7. Reporting capabilities, which may include number of calls received, duration of the calls, calls abandoned, top 10 most frequently asked questions, type of information requested, number of individuals with a true identity theft, type of identity theft and resolution assistance provided.


In the event that legal advice is required, CyberPro's works with many of the best privacy lawyers in their capacity as breach coaches and defense counsel; providing advice on the best course of action to take and how to comply with the applicable Breach Notice Laws and other credit card related regulations.

Our experience shows that it is imperative to have the right experts and professionals acting as breach coaches and defense counsel and that they have a successful track record in handling matters with state AGs.

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For the fastest service fill out the online application. One of our cyber professionals will get back to you in a day.
(of course that doesn't include weekends)

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24 Hour Data Breach Hot line Access to report incidents or suspected incidents with Baker Hostetier, one of the leading Cyber Breach firms in the country.

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